Since its very inception, Colours Caribbean has promoted visibility for our LGBTQIA+ community.

Picture of Billie Bryan at Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, Cayman Islands, 2015
Billie Bryan,
Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

The journey began in 2015 with TEDxSevenMileBeach at Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, where Billie Bryan was featured as one of the speakers.

“…Billie has come to recognise the very serious need for the redefinition of sex, gender and everything in between. She just might teach you a thing or two about yourself.”

The event served as the launchpad of what would eventually become the “Colours Cayman Campaign” the following year.

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Colours Cayman Campaign Launch

“The Colours Cayman Campaign aims to create safe spaces for members of the LGBTQ community by building a network of local businesses that have pledged to stand up against harassment and discrimination.”

The Colours Caribbean Pledge



Educational Workshops

“Colour Me Loved” Gender & Sexuality Workshops

2017 saw the introduction of our “What Are They Teaching You?!” Gender & Sexuality Workshops.

Part of our “Colour Me Loved” campaign, these workshops were hosted regularly and designed to educate attendees on a variety of topics surrounding these subjects, as well as provide monthly support groups for those suffering from mental illness who identify as LGBTQIA+. The workshops were typically held at the George Town Public Library but were additionally extended to one-off sites such as various schools, universities, workplaces and departments of government.



Non-Profit Formalisation

The first legally registered LGBTQIA+ non-profit organisation in the Cayman Islands.